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Factory New Kimber K6s Crimson Trace Master Series Lasergrips  .357 Magnum

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Just arrived at Victory Gun And Guitar Works is the K6s™ revolver.  This K6s brings an unmatched level of performance and shootability to concealed carry.

The K6s features with the Crimson Trace Master Series Lasergrips, smallest cylinder capable of holding 6 rounds of .357 Magnum (also compatible with .38 Special), K6s compact revolvers are ideal for back-up, concealed carry and home defense.

The Kimber K6s’ small frame, two-inch barrel and 1.39 inch diameter cylinder are machined from the finest stainless steel for superior integrity, strength, and resistance to the elements. The Kimber K6s offers other important design features, such as: a smooth match-grade trigger that creates confidence while helps ensure accuracy; an internal hammer and edges that are rounded and blended to help prevent a hang up when the revolver is removed from concealment; superior ergonomics and grip design that creates an extremely shooter-friendly experience; and an all stainless steel construction weighing in at 23 ounces.

Get this awesome revolver now without the 6 months wait from Kimber while we have it in stock and start enjoying it today.

Happy bidding!

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