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IP Stamped Colt 1st Richards Conversion .44 CF Factory Nickel

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This is an excellent opportunity to own a rare, high condition Colt 1st Model Richards Conversion in original factory nickel. The serial number, 188895, dates this correctly to the 1860 Army conversion sn range of those converted from the 1860 Army between SN:167000-200614. The proof mark, I.P. we believe means factory ivory, plated or both. The overall condition of the factory nickel is better than 93-94%, with crisp roll marks visible on the frame, cylinder, barrel, and grip areas. The nickel around the brass parts of the revolver have started flaking. The action and lock up are correct and tight with very strong rifling and almost no corrosion. The barrel, cylinder, trigger guard and grip serial numbers all match. The cylinder pin does not match, and the wedge is unmarked, however we strongly support that the revolver is all factory original nonetheless. Although there are no ivory grips present, the walnut grips appear to be old and likely correct period. If you are a collector looking for a rare, high condition Colt Richards Conversion in original factory nickel, this will be the one to get!

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