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Nice 1986 Smith & Wesson 19 19-5 6” .357 Magnum Blued

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We love vintage Smith & Wesson revolvers! Just arrived is a nice, clean condition 1986 dated Smith & Wesson 19-5, .357 Magnum with 6” barrel. Overall finish condition is over 92% due to some minor finish thinning around the trigger guard and other places. The thinning is hard to photograph, as it is not very noticeable. The action is smooth with a good lockup and trigger. The SN:AUA34xx dates the revolver to 1986. The Dow Jones ended the year at a whopping 1895, the average new car price was $9255, and home price was $89,000! This was also the year Halley’s Comet passed by. Anyway...bottom line...nice clean vintage revolver, so buy now with confidence!

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