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Rare Brass Barreled Flobert Percussion Rifle

Product Code: Antique muzzle loader/ percussion
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Antique muzzle loader/ percussion

We love antique firearms here at Victory Gun & Guitar Works! Recently arrived is an antique percussion Flobert rifle with brass barrel. This is an extremely unusual combination that we have never personally seen before. The spring in the action of the lock works, however the locking mechanism needs repair. The walnut stock is in nice condition with checkering, and a walnut ramrod is present. The fore end of the stock is cracked, and a piece of wire runs through the hole and around the barrel. There are various handling marks and stains on the stock due to age. Overall, this is a fascinating antique that is looking for an antique firearm collector who likes the unusual! We can ship this directly to your address and ask for a copy your drivers license. Check your state and local laws. Buy with confidence! We are a licensed FFL dealer of guns, guitars, and much more, located in beautiful historic downtown Lindale, Texas. 

Per Federal Law, Victory Gun & Guitar Works ships all modern firearms to licensed Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders only. A transfer fee levied by such an FFL holder may apply, and is apart and separate from the purchase, consignment, or trade of any firearms via Victory Gun & Guitar Works. Please give us a call for more details on FFLs and the law.

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