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WWII Remington 03A3 D-SAA San Antonio .30-06

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Just arrived is a WWII Remington 03A3 in .30-06 in nice condition that has some Texas roots , and has had some modifications. I am not sure if the mods were for military use...I.E. 03A4 purposes...or for sporting/civilian purposes. The rifle serial number 37345xx dates the rifle receiver to May 1943, according to Remington. The barrel is SA marked with a date of August 1943, commensurate with the period of the original production of the rifle. The stock is marked C-SAA, which means that the rifle made its way through the San Antonio Arsenal in Texas. For you history buffs, the San Antonio Arsenal was founded in 1859 and provided armaments for the frontier forts in Texas all the way through WWII, where it provided over 337 Million pounds of ammunition to the WWII effort! Let's talk about the mods...the bolt was turned to allow for clearance of a scope when cocked up. The stock is mostly untouched, but the bolt cut was deepened to allow room for the turned bolt. The top of the receiver is drilled for a scope mount and the top hand guard has been routed out some for more scope clearance. The rifle is marked "K" on the left side cut of stock where relieved for bolt release lever. The rear sight is marked "K", as well. The leather sling is in good shape with no leather rot. The bore is in good condition and rifling strong. 

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